Lange 1

Why are Lange 1 watches so remarkable?

One of the most spectacular collections of A. Lange & Sohne watchmaking house is the Lange 1. This appeared after a break of several decades of the brand, which was somehow affected by the quartz crisis. As such, we can declare that this ambitious collection symbolizes the return of the great watchmaking master.

A. Lange & Sohne remained deeply loyal to tradition when creating these watches. However, the brand complimented this collection with innovative accents to keep up with the demands of the public. Shortly after its launch, the Lange 1 became an iconic high-end mechanical timepiece. And it was not for nothing.

Lange 1 watches are endowed with a strong traditional charisma. We can see this through elements such as a three-quarter plate, screw balance on the one hand, and screwed gold chatons, among others. More than that, the innovations in these models amazed the public because they transformed these timepieces into innovative and highly contemporary instruments. It is about off-center dial configurations and outsize date windows, which radically changed the understanding of a traditional watch.

The history behind Lange 1

Matter-of-factly, it all started with a dream that was never abandoned. With the division of Germany in WW2, the watch industry suffered a collapse, like many other industries of those times. Despite these hard times, Walter Lange, grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange (Glassgoute watch industry founder), continued to dream big. He wished for a long time that one day, the exquisite watches would be revived so that he could develop his own watchmaking concepts.

As such, driven by passion, he reopened the factory doors after the reunification of Germany. In these circumstances, the first thing he set about was the creation of the Lange 1 concept. For him, this watch had to represent the revival of A. Lange & Söhne. At the same time, he wanted to remain faithful to the legendary quality of A. Lange & Söhne. At the same time, he brought some new features to symbolize a new beginning. This is how the first Lange 1 model saw the light of day.

In modern days…

Lange 1 watches are an important milestone in the watchmaker’s portfolio. It withstood the most difficult times and passed the test with flying colors. These watches came to set new standards. And they succeeded wonderfully. Refinement, gorgeousness, aesthetic perfection, and impressive movements are the words that best describe these masterpieces.

Lange 1 watches are a guilty pleasure for true connoisseurs and watch collectors. Obviously, their prices are not low at all as these are luxury timepieces. At the same time, they fully justify the horological mastery in them. If the Lange 1 surprises you as it does us, we invite you to consider a replica alternative. A replica watch will never be able to convey the horological excellence that an authentic Lange 1 conveys. However, we want to make happy those who want a real timepiece but who are not yet in the right moment to purchase an authentic one. Welcome to AAAReplica!

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