Why are Malte watches so special?

What about some non-traditional shapes and silhouettes in a classic spirit? If the idea appeals to you, then you won’t pass up the Malte collection of the fabulous Vacheron Constantin. Through this collection, the horological master obtained 2 great victories. One is the creation of watches with emblematic curves that look so gorgeous on the wrist. And the second is the integration in them of more than prestigious mechanisms. Just as it is a legendary manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin could not compromise either in terms of aesthetics or superior technique.

The collection was presented to the public in 1912. The community received this collection with ovations and surprise because such non-traditional silhouettes were not specific to that time. From then until now, Vacheron Constantin has remained faithful to the hand-crafted technique. Also, each model keeps within itself the sacredness of technical expertise and superior aesthetic refinement.

In fact, this collection is based on the tonneau-shaped silhouettes of the watches. Also, these come accompanied by fine leather straps that harmonize so well with the refined dials and noble chronographs.


Each member of the collection has an in-house movement, as is expected from a master watchmaker. Luckily, the manufacturer offers models for both ladies and gentlemen. As such, both sexes can enjoy the legendary collection that embodies the brand’s watchmaking heritage. It is not for nothing that Vacheron Constantin has never stopped its activity over the years. He constantly dedicated himself to elevating the standards of horology. Today, we know him as one of the most outstanding watchmakers in the world. And the Malte collection remains one of the most iconic, like the other collections in the master’s portfolio.

If this collection of watches gives you chills, let us introduce you to our replica models. We know, a replica cannot reproduce all the horological richness that an authentic watch carries. However, we supply our store with imitations made at a professional level. They will surprise you with the quality of their design and functionality. More than that, they will make you feel like you have an authentic Malte on your wrist.

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