What makes Twenty-4 watches so special?

One of the most special collections of the Patek Phillipe brand is the Twenty-4 collection. You are probably wondering what exactly makes it so special. Well, the idea is that the concept of the entire collection is completely dedicated to Ladies. It is the only collection that has models exclusively for women. And we want you to know that it is not easy to design accessories for the fairer sex. Women’s tastes are as different as they are refined. Also, ladies are looking for something more than just time-telling accessories for their watches. They are looking for uniqueness, style, and personality that perfectly resonates with their delicate but also strong spirit.

Well, Patek Philippe is an expert at what it does. And even if female nature is an unknown variable for many, the manufacturer has found the key to it. So, the Twenty-4 collection contains the essence of elegance and innovation of women’s watches. As such, Patek Philippe had enough talent to make this collection as sophisticated as it is versatile. These watches are perfect to emphasize the strong essence of the modern woman. Yet, they outline her refined spirit and rich style.

The specifics of the Twenty-4 collection

It all started in the ’90s when Patek Philippe decided to conquer the women’s segment. Until then, the brand made several models for women within the Nautilus collection. But it had never committed itself to a complete collection. The essence of Twenty-4 models revolves around rectangular shapes. These forms immediately captured the attention of the fairer sex with their refinement and elegance. The watches from the Twenty-4 range have come to race through an unrepeatable aesthetic as well as through an amazing technical performance so familiar to the Patek Philippe brand.

The rectangular shape of Twenty-4 timepieces has become their distinctive feature. To say that these watches are head-turners is to say nothing. Even if they are in the minority, rectangular watches always stand out in the classic multitude of round cases. Each model from the vast collection stands out for the confidence it reflects and for its modern spirit. So, these timepieces are true bold statement symbols on any lady’s wrist. Patek Philippe invested in the highest quality materials in this collection. As every woman deserves. The variety between luxurious gold, white gold, and stainless steel components has turned these watches into a sophisticated guilty pleasure. Apart from the specific and ultra-luxurious cases, these models boast intricate aesthetics and superlative detailing.


For ladies who have got taste, style, and a deep understanding of sophistication, Twenty-4 watches are an absolute must. They integrate perfectly in any environment and occasion. Their role is to bring out the refined and stylish essence that the woman carries deep inside. The undeniable feminine charm of these watches so easily expresses the woman’s style and passion for artistic and luxurious things.

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