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Officine Panerai, mostly known simply by the name Panerai, is a luxury watch making brand that doesn’t need an introduction if you’re at least somewhat familiar with luxury watch manufacturers. The founder of this brand is Giovanni Panerai and it was first a manufacturer of diving instruments. Later his grandson Guido Panerai had a contract with the Italian Navy for providing luminescent equipment. That’s the beginning of the Officine Panerai brand becoming one of the most influential luxury watch brands in the world. It was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy. It has a very long history of manufacturing mind blowing timepieces.
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Except for supplying watches to the Royal Italian Navy, the Panerai brand was still creating sophisticated precision instruments for measuring needs. Nonetheless, Panerai is a watch maker company popular for producing robust diving watches that could be easily readable even in harsher conditions. Such as low light underwater as well as at night by pilots of submarines. That’s why the brand created radium based luminescent paint (a sophisticated chemical element) for hands and markers. This allowed them to be much brighter. In fact, they are so bright that they are actually much brighter than you may ever need for use on land.

Based on the initial purposes of Panerai watches, it’s no wonder that these watches are having an overall sporty and rugged aesthetic with a big dial. The company creates timepieces keeping in mind the need for an extremely precise measurement of time and easy reading. Nowadays, the company is also crafting various collections for luxury wristwatch lovers.

The Panerai watches are powered by an engine from Rolex movement but with an oversized cushion case and with a strap that makes it perfect for a driver’s needs.

No Need To Be A Diver to Wear a Panerai

As said, the watch brand started its journey in the watch crafting industry for the navy, but later they started to create collections for civilians. And nowadays, Panerai is popular as an extra bold case wristwatch that can attract anyone’s attention. They created the Luminor and Mare Nostrum collection for civilians and it was a huge success. Therefore, nowadays, Panerai has a distinctive and immediately recognizable style of the watches.

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