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Why are Bell & Ross watches so special?

If you are a watch lover, you have surely drawn attention to Bell & Ross watches. These watches are specific in their essence different from what we know about watches. They have a non-standard air that you either fall madly in love with or refuse them. Yes, Bell & Ross is about a categorical attitude that few manage to understand its true value.
The thing is that the Bell & Ross brand has a special vision regarding watches. Its vision revolves around the military idea that the brand transposes in the most aesthetic form possible. Its collections are rich in bald spirit showcasing the horological aesthetic in an elegant, but also instrumental spirit at the same time.

Historical perspectives

Compared to other brands, Bell & Ross is a relatively young watchmaker. It started its activity in 1992 with the help of the 2 founding friends Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich. This is where the name of the brand comes from, which combines the first letters of the founders’ surnames. The brand appeared as a result of the passion of the 2 founders to create a watchmaking house different from what the audience knew until then. The goal of the 2 lifelong friends was to bring to the industry accessories that combine durability and functionality. This is how their purpose of “function shapes form” came to life, which the 2 founders believe to this day.

Iconic Bell & Ross models

While most watchmakers divide their collections between modern and classic, Bell & Ross divides its heritage into Vintage and Instrument. These 2 collections represent the culmination of the brand. Obviously, each of the collections refers to military or aeronautical motifs. In this sense, the Vintage collection carries a strong charisma of aeronautical adventures. Through this line, Bell & Ross proposed to highlight the aviators who dared to consider wristwatches as valuable assets for their professional missions. While they have a contemporary round design, Vintage watches have a strong touch of the key eras of the armed forces.

On the other hand, the Instrument lineup brings the shapes of an airplane cockpit into a square design. This line evolved into spectacular models such as BR-X1, BR 01, BR 03, and BRS. They stand out through a bold presence on the wrist and cannot go unnoticed.

In modern days

Bell & Ross is the ally of a narrow niche for which watches are more than time-telling pieces. The brand artistically combines essential functionality with a modern and versatile design. We invite you to explore the Bell & Ross replica collection if you want a watch with strong aeronautical and military charisma.


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Should you buy a Bell & Ross replica watch?

Our answer is YES if you are a big fan of watches with a military and modern touch. Bell & Ross accessories have a specific charisma. They have a present, clean, and clear design. However, they differ from most accessories in the industry by the vigorous temperament they exude.
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