What makes the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle collection stand out?

Each watch brand aims to excel up to absolute standards. Vacheron Constantin is not an exception to this rule. In this sense, the Traditionelle collection demonstrates it best. The manufacturer set out to express the value of the horological tradition that it inherited starting in the 18th century. Thus, each watch in the collection comes with a strong expression of classics combined with horological folklore. And the beautiful part of the collection consists in the amazing and high-performance engineering that makes the watches operate ideally.

The refinement and discipline of design are the main characteristics of Traditionnelle watches. Moreover, these characteristics are specific both for the most minimalist models and the most complex ones. It is curious to observe how Vacheron Constantin leaves the mark of tradition in simple watches with the same talent with which it also leaves them in complicated ones. In the same sense, each watch model meets the signature of craftsmanship perfection. Thus, the watches from the Traditionnelle portfolio are relics worthy of passing down generations without losing their value.

Traditionnelle watches – more than time-telling tools

Vacheron Constantin like no other knows how to transform its watches into statement pieces. And the beauty of these pieces consists not only of time-telling functions but also of spectacular design. Each unit has a noble character, no matter how simplistic or complex it is. Also, elegance and contemporary notes harmoniously intertwine, to make the watches fit in any environment. If you carefully explore the watches in the collection, you will be amazed to discover how each mechanical piece takes the form of a work of art. It is not for nothing that Traditionnelle watches remain current then and now. And without a doubt, they will remain up-to-date over 100 years ahead.

Traditionnelle watches are not for every watch lover’s taste. Today, sports and highly functional watches have captured the preferences of modern fashion lovers. The classic, traditional, and elegant style remained somewhere eclipsed by the majority but highly demanded by the minority. Just a small niche of watch enthusiasts is able to understand the true value of the Traditionnelle collection. This is because a deep understanding of the horological value and essence is required. And Vacheron Constantin is an expert in this matter.


The basic features of Traditionnelle watches revolve around the traditional round cases. Fine bezels and fluted case backs add extra nobility and elegance. Also, the dials of these exquisite watches are full of refined decorative elements. Last but not least, the railway minute-track in combination with gorgeous dauphine-shaped hands and applied Geneva-baton hour markers transform these dials into true works of art. Everything is extremely clear, organized, well thought out, and extremely disciplined in Traditionnelle watches. Moreover, technical prowess goes hand in hand with design logic. As a result, the Traditionelle collection is where creativity meets superior engineering. What is there to say except that this collection is nothing more than a horological masterpiece?

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