Royal Oak Concept

Why are Royal Oak Concept watches so special?

The Concept line is part of the large and impressive Royal Oak family. Audemars Piguet kept the octagonal shape as well as the 8 symbolic screws in the bezel. But besides that, the brand integrated a sonic spirit into this line. “Sonic spirit” refers to the acoustic technology in these watches, which the watchmaker developed within its acoustic study program in partnership with EPFL.

The masterful watchmaker developed the concept of the watch for no less than 3 years. This is because the technological acoustic study was not at all easy to integrate into the case of a watch. However, the mastery and expertise of the watchmaker triumphed. Finally, the Roal Oak Concept means watches that measure and retain the minute repeater sound at a level never accomplished before. You can expect no less from a watchmaking brand like Audemars Piguet.


These watches stand out for their acoustic quality that enhances sound transmission. And we must note that this is almost impossible in the context of a water-resistant watch. Water, as a rule, dampens volume. But Audemars Piguet has found solutions even for this challenge. Thus, he found technical solutions that increased the sound intensity.

However, the master did not stop there and sought to improve the perception of sound. As a result, Concept watches have an almost silent-striking regulator mechanism. As such, these masterpieces illustrate the harmony of sound in the minute-repeater function of a water-resistant watch.

With this in mind…

Royal Oak Concept watches are not just time-telling accessories. They bring the satisfaction of the sound that transforms wearing the watch into a unique experience of acoustic contemplation.

In fact…

Creating the concept of these watches was very challenging. Audemars Piguet appealed to scientists, artisans, academics, and engineers. The watchmaker set out to push the limits of traditional watchmaking as if this were not enough.

The beautiful part is that today, Royal Oak Concept watches are available to the watch-loving community. These are important milestones in the brand’s collection as well as a guilty pleasure for seasoned lovers. These watches master sound like no other and this was only possible with a watchmaker like Audemars Piguet.

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