What is so special about Gondolo watches?

Gondolo watches are less famous than the Nautilus collection. But that does not mean that they are somewhat inferior. It’s just that these watches are for a specific niche of watch lovers. This niche is relatively narrow but has extremely sophisticated horological tastes.

The Gondolo collection appeared much more recently compared to the other collections such as Calatrava or Aquanaut. So it is a relatively new collection with its first member appearing in ’90. History tells us that this collection appeared as a result of a beautiful friendship between the brand and the fabulous Brazilian jeweler – Gondolo & Labouriau. In fact, the friendship was established in 1872, when Patek Philippe sold to the jeweler its first pocket watch.

Patek Philippe initially launched the Gondolo line for an exclusive and narrow circle – the Gondolo Gang. This gang included 180 members, and therefore only 180 Gondolo pieces were available. The curious part of the story is that these members agreed with the brand to pay for the watches “in installments”. Thus, the members of the club met every week to close the “debts”. These meetings turned into lavish picnics that served as the foundation for a close connection between the members and the manufacturer. So, in such circumstances, the emergence of an exclusive, aristocratic, and unique collection took shape.

Further on…

What started with pocket watches initially developed into wristwatches in the 1910s. The brand decided on the rectangular cases so unusual for those times. Today, Gondolo watches express a respect for vintage style. The non-standard and extremely elegant silhouettes attract attention through refinement and delicacy. The Gondolo collection is about people with subtle, even slightly pedantic, and exclusive tastes.

Even if less known, the Gondolo range has a special significance in the Patek Philippe portfolio. It combines 2 aspects that define it as unique and unrepeatable. The first refers to the compelling history of the collection. The second refers to its flaunting architecture along with the designs that are so clean and refined. So, yes, we are talking about a collection with a strong classic and dressy touch. At the same time, you will discover modern notes in these watches that make them extremely versatile. Wrapped in elegance and finesse, Gondolo watches are staying ready to fulfill the thirst for uniqueness and exclusiveness.

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In this sense…

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The variation of our Gondolo replica watches

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With these in mind…

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