Golden Ellipse

Yes, we know. The Nautilus is the most popular line in the Patek Philippe collection. And we are well aware that it is difficult to consider other Patek Philippe watches. But, give yourself 5 minutes to discover the specifics of Golden Ellipse watches. We tell you right away: these are for a specific niche. They are for those thirsty for classic architecture with ultra-refined accents. Allow us to tell you how we see the Golden Ellipse watches and then you will draw your own conclusions.

First of all, the Golden Ellipse is something different from the standard round watches. We know that round shapes have set a standard that is hard to beat. However, the Golden Elpipse showed a beauty that established a competition worthy of all respect. So, we are talking about slightly oval shapes. The elliptical architecture of these watches has proven to be worthy of a special place in any collection of the most seasoned connoisseur.

The horological history shows that everything that is far from the standard of round shapes did not last long. Elliptical, rectangular, or square shapes, as a rule, quickly go under the radar of watch lovers. But the unconventional Golden Ellipse collection is an exception to the rule. And this is due to its specific style with shades of Art Deco. More than that, Patek Philippe integrated into this collection accents inspired by Nautilus and Gondolo to distance them as much as possible from conservatism and bring them closer to contemporaneity.

How did things evolve?

Initially, the dials of this fabulous collection stood out for their simplicity yet for their exquisite refinement. It was normal for a dress watch dial not to be too flamboyant. But the execution of those dials, as well as the vibrant colors in them, were unrepeatable and have remained so to this day.

Today’s Golden Ellipse is different from the initial models. This is the result of the horological evolution that Patek Philippe has always taken into account. What remained intact is the ovoid shape and a spectacular execution, then and now, for both ladies and men. One of the spectacular models from which we cannot take our eyes off is the ref. 3605. This is just one of the models that shows the horological mastery of the manufacturer. It is an oversized model, with temperament and personality. And yet, so subtle in itself.

Variety of models

Patek Philippe never stopped dreaming. And he transferred all his imagination into the different Golden Ellipse models. The beautiful part is that he took into account both the trends of the time and the demands of the public. Thus, it offered an extraordinarily fine alternative to the Nautilus watches through the lens of the Golden Ellipse collection. So, those who adore the Nautilus but want a more classic accent must be in love with the 3770 watch. Strange for many, the manufacturer has equipped the model with a quartz mechanism. Probably the quartz crisis left its mark.

Well, this model is nothing but a harmony between the elongated shape of the Ellipse concept and the “ears” as well as the bracelet of a Nautilus. To say that the matching is more than harmonious is to say nothing.

As such…

We could talk endlessly about all the models in the Golden Ellipse collection. But it’s better to let you contemplate them individually to understand their essence in your own language. This Golden Ellipse collection certainly shows all that Patek Philippe has more deeply and subtly. You will certainly notice many common aspects of these watches with those of the Nautilus range. And this is not a coincidence. The manufacturer revealed the strengths of Nautilus watches to bring them in a more elegant version through Golden Ellipse.
And yes, the difference in materials is one of the most distinctive differences. While Nautilus came to amaze with its stainless steel constructions, the Golden Ellipse remains faithful to the precious metals so familiar to the public.

With these in mind, we believe that there is no more refined watch in the Patek Philippe collection than the Golden Ellipse. And if you share the same idea, we invite you to get to know our replica models. Yes, they are just replicas. But their execution is so good that even you will think you are wearing an authentic watch.

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