Rolex Air King

The Rolex Air-King collection encompasses the superlative respect and the highest tribute that can be paid to aviators. This spectacular series embodies the excellence of watchmaking, which is so specific to Rolex. Ever since the Second World War, the Air-King collection has supported great aviators to conquer the limitless airspace through its easy legibility and its supreme operational mechanisms. Each unit in the collection comes equipped with an arsenal of features ready to take on any challenge. The high-end movement configuration of the Air-King timepieces provides spectacular accuracy and does not allow external factors such as temperature changes to affect these titanic models. The Air-King segment of the fabulous Rolex has been a reliable partner for the aviation heroes who proved their courage. At the moment, the collection represents a monument in the history of the brand, being associated with a symbol of technical perfection and unbeatable durability.

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