Code 11.59

Why is Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet so special?

The Code 11.59 collection is the newest offering in the wide range of Audemars Piguet watches. Finally, the community of watch lovers saw a totally different approach from the famous Royal Oak. The brand chose a concept totally opposite to the legendary Royal Oak. While the community received the first Code 11.59 models somewhat reluctantly, we believe that the collection has a lot to offer. We just have to abstract from the previous Royal Oak and leave room for a new design approach.

The line is full of elegance and refined contours. The perfect roundness of the cases immediately caught the attention of the public who were familiar with the octagonal shapes of the previous Royal Oak. Audemars Piguet has endowed these watches with vibrating dials as well as with chronograph functions or three-handers. All members of the new family exude an appealing formal charisma while leaving enough room for sportiness and casual versatility.

More than that…

The detailing of the dials hides a skillful and refined craftsmanship. While they look simple at first, you can discover a wide universe of cultivated textures and lively tones. The Code 11.59 concept revolves around the idea of new beginnings. The philosophy behind the collection speaks of 11.59 as the climax before a change and metamorphosis. Day turns into night exactly at this time. It is about a transition into a new dimension, which illustrates the transition from Royal Oak to the new Code 11.59.

Apart from the impressive technical features and stunning design of these watches, the philosophy of the collection seems to us to be a fabulous one. Through it, you can perceive every detail in the watch as a completely new and original vision. We invite you to discover the new collection of Code 11.59 watches in their replica version. We hope you find something that matches your style, preferences, and inner sense.

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