Why are Historiques watches so special?

It is very difficult to say which line from the portfolio of the great Vacheron Constantin is more remarkable. Each collection is rich in history, technical innovation, as well as phenomenal design. If we talk about the Historiques line in particular, this is a reinterpretation of the legendary models from the fundamental heritage of the Maison. The line itself includes inspirations from the models that laid the foundation of horology more than 200 years ago. As unique as the Historiques collection is, one thing has remained unchanged. It includes in itself the same aesthetic artistry and the same technical perfection as any other collection of the horological master Vacheron Constantin.

The manufacturer created this collection around the idea of “rarity”. This was the fundamental principle and each of Historiques watches is truly a rare horological piece. Historique watches have in themselves both confidence and singularity because no one could produce something similar in the orological realm. Connoisseurs of masterpiece watches as well as collectors of antiques know best the value of Historiques timepieces.

The maestro opted for precious materials like yellow gold, platinum, and pink gold. More recently, the brand has offered stainless steel versions that make these watches even rarer.

Their creativity reaches maximum heights. It is impressive to see how the design elements play gracefully in every piece and fits into concepts that no one would have thought would fit. Each model is a truly unique personality from an aesthetic point of view. But the technical aspect is not inferior either.

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